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High Spirits’ High Society

If you’re new around here, you may not know about our much-loved High Society. “What is that?” I hear you ask – well, lucky for you, we’ve got the rundown on this blog post right here just for you!


What is High Society?

High Society is our free members’ club! Joining our club grants you quite a handful of perks – so make sure you sign-up if you like all things cocktail! Sign up here! The perks are as follows:

Free Weekly Cocktails

Birthday Cocktail

Exclusive News & Offers 


Free Weekly Cocktails

During Summer 2022, we launched our free weekly cocktail perk for our High Society members!

We’re giving away free cocktails so you can try out our expansive menu without charge – and that’s why we curate a selection each month for you to try. Feel adventurous and try something new. On us! And the choices we select are usually with reason, too: from Beatles Week (“Hey June Bug“, a play on Hey Jude, and “Let It Bees Knees“, a play on Let It Be – we recognise it’s bordering on dad joke 😳) to National Chocolate Day, we try to keep your free weekly cocktail on a theme.

Something to bear in mind, though:  if you’re a new member, you will need to wait until the next calendar month after sign-up to receive your free cocktail. Once that’s clear, all you need to do is log in on that same sign-up page and present your customer QR code! Likewise, because of the reason stated above, we cannot swap the chosen Cocktail of the Week for something else.

Here’s a quick history of what we’ve offered before, too!

July 2022

Week 1 = BYOB
Week 2 = Capri-Rum
Week 3 = Margarita
Week 4 = Hardcore Paloma

August 2022

Week 1 = Minty Fresh Balls
Week 2 = Bellini
Week 3 = Lagerita
Week 4 = Bees Knees or June Bug
Week 5 = Corpse Reviver #2


As always, if you need any help or have any questions, hit us up on

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