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We’ve Been Keeping a Secret

To prepare for the Spring and Summer, we have been working hard preparing for the launch of our new menu! Our bartenders have been busy experimenting with new ingredients and mixes to make sure we welcome the sunny days ahead with an adequate, warm hello! 

Why don’t you have a quick peek at some of them below?


Watermelon Colada

I have a melon… I have pineapple… UH! Watermelon Colada!

A close relative of the Piña Colada, this drink is bright and refreshing – all the things that Piña is! Except, of course, it has watermelon in it with a sweet dashing of rum. We reckon this will be the drink you favour during these hot, sunny days. 

Persephone’s Temptation

Persephone went to hell for trying this, but she’s assured us it’s worth it.

A drink worthy of gods and goddesses alike, this drink is far from the cold, dark depths of the Underworld. Red with pomegranate juice, mellowed by cucumber syrup and enchanted by gin and lemon – if you enjoy beautiful and invigorating drinks you cannot go wrong with this one.

By Any Other Name

It’s rose… geddit?

If you fancy a sweet and intricate drink, this one is for you! Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, this drink is made up of Bumbu and Lanique; grapefruit, lemon and pomegranate juices topped with ginger ale before finishing off with kisses from dehydrated lemon and grapefruit slices. It’s a story encapsulated in glass.


We hope you greatly enjoyed reading some of the drinks we’ve come up with. The new menu is available today to try! As well as the new menu, we’ve got new lights, new sound systems and an overall new look! 🤩

Book now to book a table and enjoy our new menu!